Schedule at a Glance


Join Northeastern District President Joe Hallisey on Thursday Morning at 6AM and/or 6:30AM for a fun run!

Beta Tech Tour Description (5/11):

BETA Technologies is developing Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft right here at BTV. Please join us for a tour of their facilities, including a brief presentation on their vision for eVTOL and ground transportation to support this technology in the future.


Wednesday, May 10th

Concurrent Session 1: 1:00PM – 2:30PM

    • Session 1A: Advances in Roadside Technology
      • Muhammad Miah – MioVision
        • Title: Modernizing aging city infrastructure is possible: Detroit is just one example
      • Tim Gibson – Wavetronix
        • Title: Successfully Deploying and Maintaining ITS Technology for ‘All Users’
      • Joe Herr – VHB
        • Title: The Evolution and Application of the Advanced Transportation Controller Standard
    • Session 1B: Data is All Around Us!
      • Shannon L Bailey – Global Traffic Technologies
        • Title: Advancing Transit optimization with Big Data and ITS Partnerships
      • Matt Gilbertson – Econolite
        • Title: Improving Transportation Operations and Services Through High-Resolution Data and Cloud-Based Arterial Performance Analysis
      • Farukh Ijaz– Consulting Services America & Jonathan Chan – Port Authority of NY and NJ
        • Title: How real-time data sources help to manage traffic congestion at three New York area airports

Concurrent Session 2: 3:00PM – 4:30PM

    • Session 2A: Safety, Security, Cycling and More!
      • Olivia White & Quentin Freixo – Eco-Counter
        • Title: Cycling in Vancouver: A portrait of bicycle ridership and safety in Vancouver 2010-2020
      • Iouri Nemirovski – Yunex Traffic & Joel White – Bosch Security and Safety Systems
        • Title: Enhancing vulnerable road user safety with CV2X solutions
      • Erika Lindeberg – Jacobs
        • Title: Big Data – Little Crashes

Thursday, May 11th

Concurrent Session 3: 8:30AM – 10:00AM

    • Session 3A: Making Transportation Safer for Pedestrians
      • Sandeep Aysola – City of New Haven
        • Title: Safe Routes for All
      • Shayna Bramley – Michael Baker International
        • Title: Pedestrian Safety and Lighting for Crosswalks and Intersections
      • Bob Le Sueur – Teledyne Flir
        • Title: Curbside Management: Achieving Equilibrium at the Curb for Safer Pedestrian Crossings
    • Session 3B: The Latest & Greatest: What’s New in Transportation
      • Abolfazl Karimpour – State University of New York Polytechnic Institute
        • Title: Applying Data-Driven Research for Improving Roadways Operation and Safety
      • Behzad Aghdashi and Fabio Sasahara – McTrans University of Florida
        • Title: A framework for integrated analyses of operations and safety on freeways and highways
      • Thomas Hoene – Currux Vision
        • Title: How Artificial Intelligence is changing ITS. Examining practical use cases of AI implementation in traffic management.
    • Session 3C: Advancing Equity in Transportation
      • Alexis Vidaurreta – Toole Design Group
        • Title: Advancing Safety and Equity through Collaboration and Community-Based Organization Partnerships
      • Jeffrey Lebsack – Western New York Land Conservancy
        • Title: Promoting Equity through Infrastructure Reuse
      • Toyin Ogunfolaju – Jacobs
        • Title: Operationalizing Equity in Transportation Through Justice40

Concurrent Session 4: 10:30AM – 12:00PM

    • Session 4A: Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Safety – A Timely Discussion
      • David Wilcock, James Payne, Ian Hamilton, Joseph Herr – VHB
        • Title: Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Safety – A Timely Discussion
    • Session 4B: Adding Innovation to Transportation through Design & Technology
      • Ariel Greenlaw – HNTB
        • Title: Detour Ahead: Maintaining Regional Mobility During the Closure of One of Maine’s Busiest Highways
      • Michael Morehouse and Parker Sorenson – FHI Studio
        • Title: Post Road Circle Engineering and Planning Study
      • Carine Choubassi – Jacobs
        • Title: Understanding the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Massachusetts Freight Network and Freight Planning – 2022
    • Session 4C: State Traffic Engineers Panel

Concurrent Session 5: 2:00PM – 3:30PM

    • Session 5A: Leveraging Connected Vehicle and Infrastructure Tech to Improve Transportation
      • Rick Schuman – INRIX
        • Title: What Millions of Connected Vehicles and 40,000+ Signals Reveal About Changing Demand Patterns and System Performance Across the Northeastern District
      • Andy Kaplan – North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, Brendan Kaplan – Eastern Transportation Coalition
        • Title: Best Practices in Coordination with 3rd Party Map Application (Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc)
    • Session 5B: Speed(ing) is All Around Us!
      • Bill Lambert – New Hampshire DOT
        • Title: Using Probe Data to Promote Credible Speed Limits on Rural Highways
      • Erica Wygonik, Austin Feula, Jeremy Searle – WCG
        • Title: Speed Management and Speed Limit Setting Insights from Utah
      • Britton Johnson – Kimley-Horn
        • Title: Lessons Learned from Deploying VSLs in Virginia
    • Session 5C: Hybrid Student Poster Session
      • This “hybrid” session will showcase transportation research from students throughout the Northeastern District. Each author will present an overview of their work in a rapid-fire, 5-minute pitch followed by one-on-one discussions with the authors in front of their poster.

Friday, May 12th

Concurrent Session 6: 9:00AM – 10:30AM

    • Session 6A: Improving Accessibility, Safety, and Sidewalks for All
      • Bill Harrison – NYC DOT
        • Title: Accessible Pedestrian Signals in New York City
      • Kristofor Norberg – EnTech Engineering
        • Title: Accessible Street Design: Accommodating Persons with Disabilities
      • Reid Haefer – RSG
        • Title: Data-Driven Sidewalk Repair Prioritization
    • Session 6B: Building and Retaining a Diverse and Equitable Workforce: A Discussion on Equity and Diversity
      • Carla Mykytiuk and Shanel Thomas – Jacobs
        • Title: Transforming Today’s Workforce for an Equitable Future
      • Elaine Du, PE – AKRF, Rosana Correa, PE PTOE FITE – Jacobs, Marissa Tarallo, PE PTOE – AKRF, Syd Chan – Enovate Engineering
        • Title: Retaining a Diverse Team through Diverse Leadership: A Panel Discussion

Concurrent Session 7: 10:45AM – 12:15PM

    • Session 7A: Rail Trails and Busways: Transforming Communities
      • Evan Detrick, P.E. – VHB
        • Title: Design and Construction of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail
      • Kien Ho – BETA Group, Inc.
        • Title: Cochituate Rail Trail (CRT) Project
      • Douglas Teator, P.E. – Creighton Manning Engineering
        • Title: The UAlbany Busway, a Transformational Project
    • Session 7B: FYAs and Advanced Signal Technologies: The Benefits, Costs, and Operational Strategies
      • Michael O’Donnell – New Hampshire DOT
        • Title: Development of NHDOT’s Late Merge Signing Practice
      • Francis Tainter, PhD – UMass Amherst
        • Title: Nationwide Guidance on All-Red Clearance Intervals and the Regional Efficacy of FYAs
      • Christopher Mojica – AKRF
        • Title: Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Advanced Signal Technologies